Magicians stage effort to restore Houdini’s grave

first_imgIt is an impressive tribute to the man who grew up as Ehrich Weiss and died on Halloween of 1926 of complications from appendicitis. Over the years, the site has been venerated, vandalized, thieved and forsaken, but a group of magicians now wants to officially end the mystery of who will care for the grave.“Houdini was a visionary. He was an inventor, an escape artist, and he gave back to society in so many ways,” said Dorothy Dietrich, a magician who runs a Houdini museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania. “It’s the least we can do to give back in some small way for all he’s given to us.”Dietrich serves on a national Society of American Magicians committee working to raise money to restore Houdini’s gravesite and allow for the permanent care of the monument at Machpelah Cemetery in Queens. It will cost about $1,200 annually to maintain the grounds, plus thousands more for restoration.Houdini, the son of a rabbi, was at the height of his fame when he purchased 24 plots at the 6-acre graveyard located in a swath of open space crowded with cemeteries. His parents and siblings are buried there and his grandmother was exhumed in Hungary and brought to New York. The only person not beside him is his wife, Bess — Machpelah is a Jewish cemetery, and she was buried at a Catholic graveyard in Westchester.The gravesite features an undulating bench known as an exedra, plus a Houdini bust, a vase, two benches and markers for each person buried. A mosaic emblem of the magician society adorns the site; Houdini was president when he died. Cemetery managers say thanks to a steady stream of gawkers, the grave is usually stuffed with wands and other trinkets — plus refuse.They have done their part over the years to keep up the gravesite, but it’s their job to look out for all the dead — not just the famous dead.“I must respect all of the families there,” said manager David Jacobson. “It’s a sacred place for everyone there.”Most of Houdini’s relatives have long since died and those left don’t have extra money to fund the upkeep, Dietrich said. The plot has been cared for over the years by fans like Dietrich, who used her own money to mold and replace a broken bust and who travels to the cemetery to prune and clean.Dietrich took up the mantle after the local magician society chapter had a dispute with the cemetery and stopped paying annual fees. Depending on who tells it, spiteful cemetery managers were unwilling to work with Houdini fans and shuttered the site on the anniversary of his death. Or, magicians drumming up publicity for an annual Halloween gravesite ritual known as a “broken wand” ceremony also unwittingly brought vandals who trashed the site until Machpelah managers started locking the gates on Oct. 31 somewhere in the mid-1990s. Over the years, the bust was smashed or stolen at least twice. Benches at the plot perimeter were broken and markers for Houdini’s siblings Leopold and Gladys were damaged.The bad blood was captured in articles where cemetery managers were falsely accused of grave robbing and magicians were falsely accused of pilfering funds donated by David Copperfield to fix the gravesite benches.But that’s all over now, says David Bowers, head of the Houdini gravesite restoration committee. He said the national magician society — not the local chapter — is working with Dietrich and the cemetery to pay for the upkeep and plans to clean and recaulk the granite, give the mosaic a face lift and fix the damaged markers. He doesn’t have a cost estimate yet but says repairs will take two years.Anyone interested in donating can go to the society’s website to learn more, said Bowers of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, who will become the society’s next president in July. After the group raises funds for Houdini’s grave, it will move on to other dearly departed magicians whose eternal resting places may need some sprucing.“I’m very passionate about what we’re doing with Houdini’s grave site,” he said. “There are so many misstatements about Houdini’s life and death. I think it’s important that we get out the truth.”Online:www.houdini.org NEW YORK | Nestled next to the late Lewins, Blums and Levys in a spooky old cemetery in New York City lies the final resting place of America’s most legendary magician, interred under a granite monument that bears his stage name in bold letters: Houdini.last_img read more

Hawaii volcano offers view of rolling, spattering lava

first_img In this Sept. 10, 2016, photo released by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the east edge of Halemaumau Crater spattering lava at the south corner of the Kilauea’s summit lake after it rose over the weekend, to within about 5 m (16 ft) of the floor of Halemaumau Crater, before dropping back down slightly with the onset of spattering in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, in Hawaii. (Tim Orr/U.S. Geological Survey via AP) In this Sept. 10, 2016, photo released by the U.S. Geological Survey shows the east edge of Halemaumau Crater spattering lava at the south corner of the Kilauea’s summit lake after it rose over the weekend, to within about 5 m (16 ft) of the floor of Halemaumau Crater, before dropping back down slightly with the onset of spattering in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, in Hawaii. (Tim Orr/U.S. Geological Survey via AP) HONOLULU | The lava lake at the summit of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has been rising in recent days, offering visitors a dramatic view of rolling, spattering hot rock.center_img Hawaiian Volcano Observatory research scientist Don Swanson said Monday scientists don’t know exactly why the lava is this high.It’s relatively unusual, though. Lava overflowed onto the crater floor in May of last year, raising the rim that confines the lake by another 30 feet. Before last year, it was last this high in the 1974 and in the late 1960s.Swanson says the lake is particularly colorful to watch at night from the Jaggar Museum at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. “People from the museum can see the incandescent lava and watch the spattering that’s taking place along the edge of the lake,” Swanson said.He encouraged people to take a look for themselves. “It’s really quite pretty,” he said.Kilauea volcano has been erupting continuously since 1983. It is one of the world’s most active volcanoes.It is currently erupting from two places. One is from the summit’s Halemaumau crater. The other is from the Puu Oo crater in the volcano’s eastern rift. Lava recently started flowing into the ocean from the latter eruption for the first time in three years.last_img read more

THE MIX: Top Entertainment & Events in Aurora-Denver, Nov. 17- Nov….

first_imgAROUND TOWNHouse of Poetry 8-10:30 p.m., Nov. 18, Aurora Cultural Arts District gallery, 1400 Dallas St. Tickets are $10, or $5 for those participating in the open mic.After taking a quick, one-month hiatus, 5280 Artist Co-op is returning to the Aurora Cultural Arts District Gallery this weekend with their monthly poetry slam, House of Poetry. And this time, they’re bringing the likes of MC Hammer, parachute pants, and maybe even Slick Willy with them. It’s a gosh darn ‘90s party, and after the past couple weeks of apocalyptic predictions and general sky-is-falling sentiment, we’re down for a quick trip back to the days when Kimmy Gibbler was the spunkiest gal on television. We’ll bring the Zima. And maybe a few cases of extremely turned Crystal Pepsi, too.Vintage Theatre Annual Gala 6-10 p.m. Nov. 19, The Vintage Theatre, 1468 Dayton St. Tickets are $30 for an individual, $50 for a couple. Cast and crew tickets are $15.Quit your bellyaching, theatergoers. Just because you may or may have not spent the better part of your evening this past Monday and Tuesday crying your eyes out at The Vintage Theatre while attending Benchmark Theater’s staging of “After Orlando,” doesn’t mean you’ve had enough Vintage for the week. The theater’s annual gala is certainly not to be missed. The event, co-hosted by local thespians Bernie Cardell and Deborah Persoff, will feature scenes and songs from upcoming shows, which could include — but are certainly not limited to — “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” and the theater’s holiday showcase “Martinis and Mistletoe.”Ursula Brewery 11 Iron Men Beer Release 4 p.m. Nov. 17, 2101 N. Ursula St. Entry is free. Call 720-324-8529 or visit the Ursula Facebook page for more information.In case you mongrels didn’t know, we’re kind of suckers for a good story around here. And it turns out one of the suds slingers at Ursula Brewery is sitting on a doozy. Apparently, the grandfather of one of the Ursula beer makers played for the 1934 Yale University football team, a group of blokes colloquially known as the Iron Men. They earned that nickname after playing a game against Princeton in which they didn’t substitute a single player. Try explaining that to any of the oxygen-sucking fellows who can’t play more than a down at a time at 5,280 feet. To celebrate that Connecticut crew, the Ursula team is unveiling “11 Iron Men Triple IPA,” an 11 percent ABV beast that will leave you satisfied — and more than a little sozzled. ONSTAGEThe Hip-Hop Nutcracker 7:30 p.m. Nov. 20 at Buell Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 1400 Curtis St. Ticket prices vary. Visit or call 1-800-641-1222.After an inaugural year earning mad street cred by way of sold out shows across two nations — the U.S. and Russia — The Hip Hop Nutcracker will deliver its contemporary re-imagination of Tchaikovsky’s timeless music to the Buell Theatre stage this weekend. A holiday mash-up for the entire family, the show features a supercharged cast of a dozen all-star dancers, a DJ and violinist immersed in digital scenery that takes E.T.A. Hoffman’s sugarplum palace and plunks it down into a romantic 1980s Brooklyn backdrop, complete with night clubs and, of course, dance. The Hip Hop Nutcracker is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Weber, artistic director of the all-female hip-hop crew Decadancetheatre in Brooklyn.Much Ado About Nothing and Murder on the Nile Both shows start at 7:30 p.m. “Much Ado” runs Nov. 18; “Murder” runs Nov. 19, The Lakewood Cultural Center, 470 S. Allison Pkwy, Lakewood. Tickets start at $20. Visit or call 303-987-7845 for more information.There’s nary a better way to ring in the cold weather with a little dose of The Bard, followed by a pinch of Agatha Christie. London-based Aquila Theatre is serving up just such an opportunity this weekend with back-to-back, one-night-only stagings of “Much Ado About Nothing,” Shakespeare’s goofy take on Venus vs. Mars, and “Murder on the Nile,” an updated, 1940s twist on the lasting mystery tale, at the Lakewood Cultural Center. Don’t miss this local dash of British sophistication just across the municipal border.MUSICAvourneen and The Celtic Friends 7:30 p.m., Nov. 20, The Clocktower Cabaret, the corner of Arapahoe Street and the 16th Street Mall, Denver. Tickets are $15. Visit or call 303-293-0075 for more information.Adam Goldstein, the so-called “favorite singing Irish Jew” of the Mile high City, is returning to a familiar haunt this Saturday, though in a slightly different role. Instead of opening one of the many burlesque and variety shows at Lannie’s Clocktower, Goldstein and a pair of counterparts will be taking center stage to perform a set of celtic tunes as Avourneen, a prominent Celtic/folk trio in the metro area. Composed of violinist CL Morden, multi-instrumental Aeryk Parker and Goldstein, who assumes guitar and vocal duties, Avourneen has played a slew of local and regional Celtic shows across the Mountain West since popping onto the scene just two years ago. This Saturday, the group will play alongside The Celtic Friends, another Irish-flavored outfit that regularly plays at the AOH New Year’s Eve part at the Celtic Connection in Denver.last_img read more

College seniors face job worries, family stress amid virus

first_imgIn this Friday, April 3, 2020 photo, Anali Reyes Vazquez a senior at Rutgers University–Camden senior poses for a photograph in Barrington, N.J. For health sciences major Vazquez, the sweeping turmoil has brought setbacks as her parents are out of work, but also a glimmer of opportunity. One of her final classes is a course on medical translating, which could help her land a position amid the pandemic serving Spanish-speaking patients. “There are people in need,” she said, “even though it is a scary thought.” (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)Sent home from college because of the coronavirus outbreak, Carter Oselett is back in his childhood bedroom, paying rent on an empty apartment near campus and occasionally fighting with his parents over the television remote.He’s handling the grocery shopping for an aunt recovering from COVID-19 and watching his mom, an optician, try to file for unemployment benefits.His summer program at a university in Brazil has been canceled and he’s not sure he will graduate from Michigan State University in December as planned. And to top it off, he turned 21 quarantined at home with his folks.“So much fun,” Oselett said dryly from his family home in Macomb, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) from his East Lansing campus. “I got to buy a bottle of wine from our local grocer, and that was my big night.”For many of the nearly 2 million people expected to earn U.S. bachelor’s degrees in 2020, the pandemic has taken away their housing, friends and long-held dreams of a graduation ceremony. Some college seniors have been jolted into instant “adulting” as they try to support themselves or struggling family members. For others, it’s adulthood delayed, as their post-college work, travel or internship plans are nixed for a dispiriting move back home.And nearly all of them fear their first steps into adulthood will be clouded by a global recession.University of Iowa psychologist Barry Schreier advises students to hold on to their goals, even if they have to adjust their timelines. And he says they should expect to cycle through the stages of grief: denial, anger and depression among them.“Adulting is a ladder to climb for a lot of our students on a good day. And these are certainly not good days,” said Schreier, communications chairman of the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors.Axel Lopez, a senior at the University of California, Los Angeles, and sports photographer at The Daily Bruin, hoped to take a last walk through the newsroom before moving to Utah this summer for a paralegal job. He’s now quarantined in his off-campus apartment, taking his final term online. The expected job offer never came.“It’s a very uncertain time, considering just a couple of months ago, it seemed there was a surplus of jobs available,” he said.A first-generation college student who accompanied his mother growing up as she cleaned houses in Los Angeles, Lopez had dreams of hugging his mom at graduation and telling her: “Yeah, it was all worth it.”UCLA announced its June commencement would be held online, then reconsidered after a backlash. The university has promised to hold an in-person celebration later.“Even though we’re going to have it in the next year, I feel it won’t be the same,” he said.Not far from Lopez, Victoria Arévalo is back in her family’s small two-bedroom apartment in west Los Angeles, where the bunk beds she shares with an older sister frame her appearance in online classes. She had hoped to stay at her apartment at nearby Loyola Marymount University, where she’s studying communications, but knew her family needed the refund she’d get if she left — her stepfather was furloughed from his warehouse job.In the blink of an eye, Arévalo lost her emotional “safe space,” her paid TV news internship and her final months with college friends. At first, she lashed out on social media. But after a few weeks back home, she’s come to accept the situation and the tough road ahead.“I know it’s going to be a lot harder than it would have been. I’m just trying mentally to prepare myself,” said Arévalo, 22, who moved to the U.S. from El Salvador as a child. “There’s good days and bad days. It fluctuates.”For health sciences major Anali Reyes Vazquez, the sweeping turmoil has brought setbacks — her parents are out of work — but also a glimmer of opportunity.The 21-year-old senior at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey, planned to find a job and start a part-time master’s degree program come June. Now, she’s holding off on signing a new lease in case she needs to move home to New Brunswick.One of her final classes, though, is a course on medical translating, which could help her land a position amid the pandemic serving Spanish-speaking patients.“There are people in need,” she said, “even though it is a scary thought.”Back in Michigan, Oselett finds his bedroom “a little smaller than I remember it.”He spends some of his time working for a California-based nonprofit called Rise, pairing college students who are in crisis because of campus shutdowns with emergency funding.His classes, which have switched to pass/fail grading, involve a mix of posted assignments and videoconferencing.“Everyone has sort of adapted to it, but it just doesn’t feel as worthwhile,” Oselett said. “No one wants to worry about learning right now.”Other times, he and his parents squabble over what to watch on television. He and his father like “Schitt’s Creek.” His mother not so much.“We almost have too much time to watch TV and argue about it,” he said.___ Dale reported from Philadelphia.last_img read more

Marshall in control at Eastern Star

first_imgTommy Marshall (right) with ‘wig-wearer’ Paul Chesney.PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf SocietyMonday, April 30, Eastern Star – Stableford1st Tommy Marshall (9) 36pts2nd Stuart Thompson (17) 33pts 3rd Dave Stockman (7) 32pts4th Terry Drier (15) 31ptsThe final April fixture for the Pattaya Links Golf Society saw the group leave Soi Buakhao on Monday, in cool, grey and damp conditions to play a stableford competition on the course which had resisted the weekend storms well.Fairways were a little damp and soft but were completely playable, bunkers were well raked and the greens were fair but a little inconsistent. Overhead a heavy curtain of rain clouds threatened but in the event it came to nothing.With only a modicum of run and the humid conditions the course played long off the white tees and scores were average.  Terry Dreier beat Brian Talbot for fourth place on countback, 31 points securing the places.In third was local resident Dave Stockman with 32 points, just one behind Stu Thompson’s fine round of 33 points.  The winner was Tommy Marshall, and he lived up to his name with a well ordered and controlled round of 36 points.Near pins went to Derek Phillips (3), Tommy Marshall (6), Dave Stockman (17) whilst hole 13 surprisingly preserved its integrity.Consolation best nines went to Brian Talbot (front, 17 pts) and Len Jones (back, 16pts).Friday, May 4, Pattana – StablefordA Flight1st Peter Bailey (15) 41pts2nd Nakano (15) 39pts3rd Lee Rodman (11) 37ptsB Flight1st Peter Henshaw (30) 37pts2nd Dave LeHane (18) 33pts3rd Ken Ishikawa (16) 33ptsPeter Bailey (left) and Phil Davies.Many excited golfers gathered at Links Bar early to ready themselves for a long awaited trip to the beautiful Pattana Golf Course.The green fee price at this course during the High Season was quite prohibitive, but now with Low Season kicking in, it was at last time to get back there.This course is always presented in immaculate condition and today it lived up to that high standard and, as a bonus, the weather was looking fine. But oh! How things can change.We played B and C courses in that order.  Fairways are cut to near perfection, rough still gets hold of the club at times, and the greens are in very good order.Twenty six starters (but only 24 finished) as a wild electrical thunderstorm rolled in, prompting management to sound the warning siren to clear the course, much to the relief of some petrified caddies.Everyone was under shelter, and since we were rained off from Treasure Hill two days earlier, we were determined to wait this one out. 45 minutes passed and just as we moved towards our carts, the all clear siren soundedWe had enough players to pay two flights, and this time it was the “A” flight players with the better scores.Peter Bailey has been building up to it this trip and today beat a strong field to score an impressive 41 points from his 15 handicap, ignoring the fact that for the second half of his round the course was little soggy.Right in behind Peter was Nakano with 39 points, which, on another day might have been a winning score, and Lee Rodman found that elusive form to take third spot with 37 points.Peter Henshaw, when he visits us, is more often than not finding a place on the podium. Today it was top of the “B” flight with an excellent 37 points.Dave LeHane has just returned and snuck into “B” flight so, with 33 points took second on count-back ahead of newcomer Ken Ishikawa.Near pins went to Nakano (B3), Tommy Marshall (B7), John Coetzee (C2), Paul Smith (C7).The best scores on the front and back nines (for anyone who had not yet won anything) went to Dave Edwards (front, 19pts) and Derek Phillips (back, 17pts).last_img read more

Carmody wins on countback

first_imgWe were back very early to Pattaya so the results were quickly over and time to relax. The winner on the day was Don Carmody with 40 points on countback over Dick Warberg in second. In third was Brian Parish with 39 points on countback over Tommy Marshall in fourth. It may be noted that the first four were all within 1 point. Well played all.We had 2 long puts at the last hole and the winner of the A Flight was Mashi Kaneta and winner of the B Flight was Don Carmody.Friday, June 8, Pleasant Valley – StablefordThis day eleven Tropical Golfers made a visit to Pleasant Valley. When we arrived we were reminded that on Fridays the caddies can wear what they want, and many opt for the Korean LPGA style. Nice variety. Sadly PV is not in the best condition right now, greens are patchy and fairways not kept up. “Fair” would be an accurate if slightly generous condition rating, however there was plenty of evidence of work being done on the course, so stay tuned.Tom Herrington (right) with Alan Sullivan.PV is a slightly tough course with more OB stakes than one ever wants to see but a short 10 minute rain delay gave everyone a rest and time to regroup.After a long hiatus Tom Herrington (c/h 16) found his groove and smashed the field with his 41 points – a full 20 shots better than his previous golf outing. Next Alan Sullivan (16) had a most excellent 36 points, followed by Traveling Man Brian Gabe (19) with 34 and Barry Elphick (28) with a respectable 33. Don Carmody (right) with Dick Warberg.PSC Golf from Tropical Golf GroupTuesday, June 5, Greenwood – StablefordThe test for the day was to be the A & C nines, quite a tough test and throw into this the possibility of rain for the day we knew we were in for a testing time as we stood on the first tee.We went straight into ‘lift, clean and place’ not that the course looked bad but because the grass was a little longer and with the weather forecast for rain we expected things to get a little dicey later on, and in fact so it proved. It did rain and we did get really wet. Thankfully we had the covers on the bag and skin is kind of waterproof, but it was not pleasant.last_img read more

‘World Gems’ take volleyball title at Pattaya Sport Center Games

first_imgIn a close first set both teams struggled for supremacy but World Gems demonstrated some outstanding blocking moves at the vital moments to take it 25-17.World Gems Collection take on Orange VC in the volleyball final. Orange VC came out with different tactics in the second set, using the drop shot far more frequently and also aiming to hit the back lines, but World Gems were equal to everything their opponents could throw at them and were deserved winners of the match and title, taking the second set by a score of 25-18 and with it the champion’s trophy and 6,000 baht first prize.Pattaya Youth Sports Center Games are organized each year to allow the young people who attend the center to show off their skills in a competitive environment.  The center has several highly promising athletes using the facilities there, including young female sepak takraw players Nathiya Janthawaet and Nittipong Namnaipmuang.Exciting action from the takraw final between Pa Wang and Chok Uthaen team 1.In the takraw final at the Games, past champions Pa Wang team took on the Chok Uthaen team 1.  Pa Wang fell behind early on but a change in their serving tactics brought dividends and they eventually ran out winners of the first set 15-7.  The second and decisive set followed a similar pattern to the first and despite the Chok Uthaen players’ best efforts they were unable to prevent their opponents taking the set 15-9 and the title plus 4,000 baht prize money.The Pattaya Youth Sports Center has facilities for futsal, volleyball, petanque, fitness and swimming and is open to everyone.  The center is located on Thepprasit Road Soi 7 in south Pattaya. The final day of the 3rd Pattaya Youth Sports Center Games took place on Feb. 24 with a volleyball match between World Gems Collection and Orange VC providing an exciting conclusion to the event.last_img read more

Jet skis, speedboats race in Jomtien

first_imgSpeedboats and jet skis made waves in Jomtien Beach as marine racers vied for thousands of baht in prizes at the Pattaya Water Sports Festival.Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome handed out trophies to winners of the five jet-ski races and two speedboat contests Feb. 9 at the Surf Kitchen restaurant. Sponsored by the Jet Ski Club of Pattaya, the Feb. 8-9 competition featured professional and amateur racers competing for prizes and to stimulate Pattaya tourism.Itthiphol Kunplome, mayor of Pattaya city, presents trophies to the winners. Jet ski races included the Yamaha Pla-O 650cc, Yamaha XL, Yamaha Pla-O 650cc two-seater, Yamaha Pla-O plus banana boat 710cc, and the Pro Stroke 1,600cc jet ski.  Boats competed in the standard 400-horsepower and two-cylinder 400-horsepower open.First-place finishers in all but the two-cylinder speedboat race won 10,000 baht each.  The boat race’s top prize was 20,000 baht.In order, winners in the Yamaha Pla-O 650cc race were Wattana Phumthong of the Champ Boat Team, Vichai Sonthiraksa of the Champ Boat Team and Rachan Aaramwong of Son Service.Jet-skis line up on the Jomtien shoreline, ready to do battle in the Feb. 8-9 competition.In the Yamaha XL race, Kriangsak Thongkhao of Tod Room Rental placed first, Vichai came second, and Chalerm Bunmee of Wattananukit was third.The Yamaha Pla-O 650cc two-seater category was won by Wattana Phumthong, with Somporn Khunjeng from the Mart Team and Rachan Aaramwong completing the podium.Sonthaya Kunplome, Minister of Culture, with Pol. Col. Suphachai Phuikaewkhum, superintendent of Pattaya station, sound air-horns to release the boats at the starting line.The top three in the standard speedboat race were Kriangsak, Kittipong and Nattawut who finished in that order.The big two-cylinder race saw Wattana Phumthong take first place, Prasert Jansroi of Hollywood Car Care came second and Sombut Hengleng placed third.Speedboats contest for honours out on the ocean.The Yamaha Pla-O plus banana boat race’s top three finishers were Vichai, Wattana and Rachan.In the Pro Stroke 1,600cc race, Somporn took first place ahead of Somiat Bunnukul in second and Watchara Kritjandee from Surf Kitchen third.last_img read more

Khao Kheow – always a tough test

first_imgIPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Links BarOn a hot and steamy Monday the Pattaya Golf Society travelled to Khao Kheow on 15th August to play a stableford competition on the B and C nines, which were in reasonable condition but the back nine (C) had sanded fairways and less than consistent greens.  However these problems were not enough to detract from a tight competition.The testing layout at Khao Kheow.Khao Kheow always holds all the aces and only golfers on top of their game will walk away unscathed at the end of eighteen testing holes.  Such was the case this day when new member Christian Boysen, forsaking his home group at the Phantom Bar, played a round of quality golf to finish on 35 points, putting him at the head of the leaderboard.  His round was helped by two birdie ‘2’s on the par threes on the back nine.Sharing second place with 32 points each were Murray Edwards and Mark Lang who shared the best gross figures of the day (81) with Christian.  The other birdie man was Ken Page who recorded his ‘2’ on C3. As Mr Len announced the sad demise of the Booby Bevy, to be replaced by a non-winners consolation beer from now on, it was fitting that he received it himself for his less than sparkling round.  If memory serves him right, he received his first Booby sixteen years ago in Soi Chaiyapoon.Honours shared at BuraphaThe Pattaya Golf Society visited the sumptuous course at Burapha on Wednesday, 17th August to play a stableford event on the A and B nines, which were in excellent condition.  Fairways were well grassed and the greens are so consistent and, on this occasion, quick.A close contest was on the cards as Scot Ken Page finished with 34 points, having been usurped by Masa Sugaya and Khun Wichai on 36 points.  Robert Moses was the first to collect a birdie ‘2’, on A6 and the feat was emulated on the back nine by Masa’s fine effort on B3.The demise of the Booby Bevy after fifteen years saw the non-winner’s consolation beer go to Ken Page as he technically was not a “goody” winner even though he made the top three as the small field allowed only two major prize claimants.Burapha is a “must play” course for Pattaya golfers and the current low season rate is only a beer or two more expensive than the likes of Khao Kheow.Page & Firkin share the winThe end of another excellent week saw the Pattaya Golf Society visit Crystal Bay for the first time in four months to play a stableford competition on Friday, 19th August.  The B and C nines were used and the course was much improved since our last visit, with greens which were putting quite true.  OK, the course will always be a little rough around the edges but as a typical resort course it offers all golfers a chance to make good scores.A strong swirling breeze was evident all day but it kept conditions comfortable whilst posing club selection problems for those involved.  Toby Glass, Alan Walker and Karl Flood all posted scores of 32 points to share third place but they were a way off the winning pair, Ken Page and Mike Firkin with 36 points.There were no birdie ‘2’s and the consolation beer went to Bryan Barrell after he bemoaned the demise of the Booby Bevy, his non-winning card having been drawn out by the cashier back at the bar.  The week had ended as it began, golfers in good humour and comradeship at the Links Bar in Soi Buakhao.last_img read more

Tuohy signs off with medal winning show

first_imgPSC Bunker Boys Golf SocietyMonday, June 6, Greenwood (white tees) – Stableford1st Jimmy Carr (18) 38pts2nd Geoff Parker (15) 35pts 3rd Tony Robbins (16) 35ptsNear Pins: Mark Stanley (2), P J RedmanJimmy Carr.Thirteen players headed off to Pattaya Country Club for our Monday game only to be informed upon arrival that they would not honor their quoted price for all our members, but only for those who qualified as seniors.  In addition, seniors would have to renew their senior cards for an additional 100 baht.  Two wrongs don’t make a right: it makes an exit — see ya!  After a quick call to Greenwood, we headed up 331 to enjoy a game on a course in prime condition with well maintained greens, at a savings of 500 baht.Jimmy Carr was back on form and was renamed “Jimmy Par” by his playing companions after scoring 21 points on the back nine.  Mark Stanley enjoyed his last game with us before heading back home.Wednesday, June 8, Pattavia (white tees) – Stableford1st Mike Johns (16) 39pts2nd Geoff Parker (15) 35pts3rd PJ Redman (29) 35ptsNear Pins: Geoff Parker, Roger Tuohy.Again today, we had thirteen players make their way to Pattavia and were disappointed to find the roadworks people out in force.  The delay was minimal though and we made our tee-time without any problems.This track is one of the gems of the area, offering a new clubhouse with a well-maintained locker room and a layout with plenty of risk/reward holes to tempt the big hitters.  The condition of the course was excellent which was borne out by the remarkable 39 points by Mike Johns who claimed the winner’s spot.Mention should be made of the buggies which are well maintained, clean and in good condition (Crystal Bay please take note.)Friday, June 10, Crystal Bay C & B (white tees) – Medal1st Roger Tuohy (10) net 682nd Geoff Parker (15) net 743rd Neil Carter (14) net 76Near Pins: Thomas Nyborg, Roger Tuohy, Keith Hemmings, Ken YoungThirteen was the lucky number again today for our medal round at Crystal Bay.  It was the final round for Roger Tuohy and Keith Hemmings before returning to the UK and Roger set off in express fashion, starting out birdie, par, birdie, par, par to complete the front (C) nine in one over par 37.  He slowed a little on the back but finished with a fine net 68 to easily win the day.Geoff Parker was back to his consistent form and recorded his third 2nd place for the week with a net 74.  A three-way count back for third resulted in Neil Carter edging out Geoff Cox and Les Hall, all with net 76.Overall the course was in good shape although the greens had just been fertilized and were fairly slow.  One negative note, the machine is doing a reasonable job raking the bunkers but the margins are being ignored and getting very ragged with grass growing to the inside.  Considering all the effort in renovating the B course, it is a pity this matter cannot be addressed, or can it — Mr. Groundskeeper?last_img read more